Why Listing Your Properties on MLS Matters

Why Listing Your Properties on MLS Matters

As a homeowner, you've likely encountered a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your previous real estate transactions. You may remember your real estate agent offering you a link that allowed you to search a more comprehensive range of listings than you saw on commercial home search sites. Even if you don't remember an MLS as helpful in your past search, current buyers find it one of the most beneficial tools in their home search. If you want to reach the broadest range of modern buyers when you list your Aledo real estate, list your property on an MLS.

What exactly is an MLS and how does it work?

Multiple listing service is a conglomerate of numerous listings compiled from area agents and brokers who have agreed to share their data. An MLS enables agents and brokers who have consolidated their data to view all listings in the database. For over a century, agents have understood the value of pooling their listings to attract more buyers by opening the database to every agent's clients.

An MLS works through an agreement between every real estate agent who submits their data to it. Agents usually pay a fee to retain membership in the database and receive access to all the listings within it. It is common for an MLS to cover an entire region, such as a whole state.

How an MLS benefits both buyers and sellers

Listing your property on an MLS benefits you as a seller by giving you access to every agent's buyer clients with a membership in an MLS. Your listing won't be limited to buyers driving around looking at land for sale in Aledo, TX, nor to buyers only looking at one of the well-known real estate sites, but will also be shown to all buyers interested in owning a home in Texas. By gaining more exposure for your listing, you have a higher chance of receiving an ideal offer quickly.

Buyers will appreciate that your listing contains more detailed contact information and viewing times than is usually found on other real estate search sites. The ease of scheduling a viewing will help buyers make offers sooner.

Listing your home on an MLS

If you want to list your home on an MLS, you'll need to prepare your property for listing and hire a real estate agent. You cannot list your property on an MLS without a real estate license since the service exists through an agreement between real estate professionals.

Getting your property ready for photos and showings

To prepare your property for listing, pack away the belongings you will only need once you settle in your new space, like out-of-season clothing and decor, figurines and other collectibles, artwork, and certificates. It is also wise to review your belongings and furniture to identify any items you no longer need since there's no point in moving them to your new home if they are only going to gather dust.

After you've packed, thoroughly clean each room and make cosmetic repairs if necessary. You will also want to hire a home inspector to identify any code violations you can address before listing since building codes change every few years.

With the preliminary maintenance complete, move on to staging the main rooms. You can stage the rooms yourself, but hiring a staging service is often a wiser choice. A professional stager has a neutral view of your home, expert knowledge of what decor currently appeals to buyers, and access to rental furniture and decor. A properly staged home has proven to sell faster and for more money.

Working with a real estate agent to list your property

The fundamental step to listing your property on an MLS is finding a real estate agent with whom you want to work. You’ll want a local expert with pertinent knowledge on what buyers seek in homes for sale in Aledo, TX. Be sure to choose an agent with a proven history of successful luxury sales. Research several agents and interview at least two or three to find the best fit. You’ll be working together on a major transaction, so you’ll want to hire someone you trust. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations, or look at reviews online to find real estate agents to interview.

After you've hired a listing agent, they will craft a property description, help you hire a photographer, and promptly post the listing to their MLS. They should be able to provide you with a timeline of when the listing will go live and a discussion of any impediments to listing or suggestions for making your property stand out among other offers.

Other ways a real estate agent can help with your listing

Beyond simply listing your property on the MLS, your real estate agent will be your partner in reaching your real estate goals. Like the Rees & Piper Team, a good agent will provide you with data on similar active, pending, and comparable recent sales to help you decide on a listing price. They will also have a strong marketing plan to draw in buyers who don’t have access to the MLS. They should also have expert negotiation skills for handling offers.

Ready to put your home on the market?

An MLS is key in selling your home. If you want to show your home to as many prospective buyers as possible, list your home on an MLS with the help of a great real estate agent. Your agent can advise you on price ranges, negotiate sales terms, and generate buyer interest. When you are ready to move forward, reach out to experienced agent Rees Atkins.

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