The Guaranteed Method to Sell Your Lakefront Property

The Guaranteed Method to Sell Your Lakefront Property

Lakefront properties in Texas are highly sought after for their beautiful waterside destination, providing calm and shimmering views all year long. Agents local to the area know how to make the most of this coveted amenity when it comes time to list and market a home for success. When selling a waterfront property in Texas, whether in Parker County real estate or a city nearby, follow this method for a guaranteed sale.

Get the timing right

The first step of the selling journey is to determine the best time to sell your home. Think about personal factors like the pressures of a new job, having enough time to pack and accommodate home showings, as well as being ready to leave your home and neighborhood behind. Also, consider the property’s value when planning whether or not your home sale can cover the costs of the remaining mortgage and closing fees.

If there are no personal obstacles to selling, start to research local market trends for favorable market conditions. Whenever possible, sellers should try listing their homes during a sellers’ market, which is when housing inventory can’t meet buyer demand. This gives sellers more leverage to negotiate for a higher-priced deal. Some signs of favorable conditions include increasing median prices, increasing home sales, and decreasing months of supply.

Partner up with a local agent

When the time is right, sellers should search for an experienced real estate agent who is well-versed in the area. An agent will leverage their insightful understanding of local market trends to time and price a listing correctly and increase the chances of a higher offer. They also have a network of connections that sellers can tap into when they need services like a home contractor, home inspector, or professional photographer.

Throughout the marketing and negotiation process, an agent will keep their client updated and tackle any roadblocks whenever problems arise. Overall, an agent works towards their client’s goals and is available to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support when needed.

Prepare the property for success

Serious issues like faulty wiring or a damaged roof can compromise a transaction later in the process. Sellers can avoid this uncertainty by ordering a pre-listing inspection. Most home inspections reveal problems that need to be fixed, although not all are serious. Some common issues found in waterfront Texas homes include cracked roofing shingles, leaky and cracked walls, or worn-down mechanical systems.

Sellers listing their properties on the Parker County real estate scene can also make upgrades if they’re interested in increasing their property’s value or want to attract attention from more buyers. Your agent will be a highly valuable resource when deciding which upgrades will appeal most to the local buyer pool.

Typically, bathroom and kitchen renovations have a high ROI, but lakefront properties also benefit from pristine landscaping and outdoor additions to enjoy the view and entertain guests.

Stage for professional photos

Sellers should stage their property to appeal to the most buyers and potentially sell at a higher price. Staging facilitates a buyer’s ability to emotionally connect with the property, and it also increases a home’s perceived value. Start staging by deep cleaning and decluttering all areas of the house. Then, tidy up the landscaping to look truly divine. When decorating the interior, start by depersonalizing the entire property. Next, focus on staging the important rooms like the living room, kitchen, and main bedroom. Make sure they’re properly furnished and aim for a neutral, welcoming look throughout each space. Let in plenty of natural light for a bright and spacious environment, and tidy up the front entryway by wiping down the door and adding potted plants or a wreath for a pop of trendy color.

Market the property online and offline

An agent is an especially valuable resource when it’s time to market a home. They’ll take professional photos (or connect you with a professional photographer) and write a thorough listing description when placing your property listing on the local MLS. This makes it visible to other buyers’ agents who have connections to interested buyers. MLS listings also spread to public sites like Realtor and Redfin for more exposure.

Agents also market the property offline by setting up signs, sending out flyers, and organizing open houses and home showings. Home showings can sometimes be scheduled on short notice, but your agent will give you as much time as possible to clean and prepare the home for potential buyers.

Negotiate with buyers

Once listed, buyers will view the property and start to make offers. An offer should include an offer price, closing dates, and contingencies. Once received, you can accept the offer, reject it, or make a counteroffer addressing one or more aspects. Negotiations can become emotional and stressful, but it’s essential to try to maintain a level head when making all decisions. Your agent will help you craft your response to all offers and keep a focus on your goals.

Complete the closing steps

During the closing process, the buyer will order a home inspection and a home appraisal, which may lead to further negotiations in some cases. As the buyer finalizes their loan, you should finish packing for your own move. After a final walkthrough, you and the buyer will sign official paperwork to close on the sale. At every point, your agent will be by your side, ready to explain contracts and review them to ensure you are protected and understand what you’re agreeing to.

Ready to sell your lakefront property?

Selling a lakefront property is no easy feat, but you can be well-prepared with an expert agent by your side at each step. A local agent has access to market data and the experience necessary to effectively prepare your home, market your listing, and negotiate an offer with buyers. When you’re ready to sell your lakefront property, Rees Atkins knows how to get results. So, if you’re looking for an esteemed professional in Parker County real estate, contact experienced broker Rees Atkins to guide you through the process today!

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