Selling Commercial Properties in Parker County

Selling Commercial Properties in Parker County

The process of selling property in Texas is one that requires an expert hand if you expect to come out with a satisfying conclusion, especially when it comes to commercial property for sale in Parker County. The terms of a commercial property sale often contain more line items and clauses than you’ll encounter in residential real estate deals, and the stakes can be higher for both seller and buyer.

If you’re wondering about the best steps to ensure that your commercial property sale goes off without a hitch, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll go over all the details of the process and have you completing the transaction in record time with an amenable close to the deal for all. Let’s get started.

Outline of how a commercial property sale proceeds

Commercial property is a highly variable industry, and each piece of property is unique. Nevertheless, the process of selling these kinds of structures in Parker County follows a general step-by-step outline that is easy to predict. Here’s what you can expect to encounter through every stage of your sale:

  • Find a real estate broker or agent to conduct the sale
  • Negotiate a brokerage agreement
  • Draft your letter of intent
  • Decide on a purchase price and terms of sale
  • Manage the purchase of the property
  • Handle the details surrounding ownership and joint ventures
  • Meet pre-closing conditions
  • Close on the title
  • Wrap up the sale and resolve any post-closing issues

Find a real estate agent

If you’re dealing with commercial property for sale in Parker County, TX, you’re going to need the help and support of a licensed real estate professional. A realtor will be your main point of contact through the initial stages of obtaining all the necessary documents to get a title for your property and market the building.

Place a request for a title report on your property first. This could take upwards of two weeks, but you can meet with your realtor in the meantime to complete all the intermediary documents necessary to list the building.

Decide on a listing price

Once you’ve obtained all the title documents for your commercial property, start thinking about an appropriate listing price. While it’s true that the commercial property market changes less dramatically than that of residential homes, you should always keep track of market trends.

Consult with your agent regularly to ensure your listing is competitive compared to other commercial buildings of similar size and location. Conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) so that your final listing is priced in a way that attracts a wide range of buyers who are serious and motivated to make competitive offers.

Begin marketing the property

Ever since digital marketing has taken off as a leading method to reach a maximum number of interested buyers, the commercial real estate industry has only grown. Make sure that your realtor is putting enough resources into marketing your property online. Whether your strategy is to spread the word of the listing via social media channels, local media, word of mouth, or luxury real estate professional networks, it’s important to stay up to date with your marketing team.

Reach a wide audience online

When it comes to marketing commercial real estate, it can sometimes be difficult to determine just how many eyes are looking at your listing. To maximize the number of buyers seeing your commercial property for sale in Parker County, work with your realtor to develop a good strategy. Take professional photos of the interior and exterior of the space and consider hiring experts to record virtual tours or drone footage of the property.

The more diverse your marketing strategy is, the more certain you can be that the ideal buyer is out there and learning about your listing. Distribute mailers to the local community and send out several email campaigns and blog posts via local real estate channels that will regularly remind interested parties that your commercial property is on the market.

2022 data shows that the real estate industry is one of the most successful when it comes to open rates and click rates. Currently, about 33% of all people on your email list will tend to open a real estate email sent to them, while about one in 100 will click through to the link of your listing. That’s well above average compared to other industries like non-profits, legal services, or health and wellness.

Review the condition of the property

Finally, make sure that you’ve done your due diligence and obtained all the necessary documents attesting to the sound condition of your commercial real estate. Conduct an ALTA survey if possible, and talk with your local zoning boundary experts to learn more about complying with all the Parker County requirements.

Do a final run-through of the property and try to clean the interior and exterior of the building to the best of your ability. Consider meeting with a local commercial property expert to see if there are any construction concerns you should be aware of, especially if the age of the building is over 30 years. Meet with your real estate agent one last time before inviting potential buyers to the building, and review your last-minute checklist to ensure you’ve completed everything before you start fielding offers.

Get in touch with a local real estate agent today

With that, we’ve come to the end of our article detailing everything you need to know about preparing commercial real estate in Parker County, TX. Contact a real estate professional as soon as possible, obtain all the proper titles, market and photograph the building expertly, and review that the condition of the property is up to date. Follow these tips, and you’re certainly on your way to a successful commercial sale.

If you have any questions or comments to share about the topic, or you’d like to learn more about real estate in the area, reach out today. Contact the Rees Atkins Realty Group for more information!

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